Airline Course

Acquire the advanced English level and professional skills so sought after in the airline industry.

Airline Major

3 concentrations

Flight Attendant (CA) major 2 year program

Ground Staff (GS) major 2 year program

Overseas Internship course 3 year program

Application Requirements: High school diploma

All programs has been certified as a professional post-secondary course by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Flight Attendant

We offer a broad and balance curriculum for students to become a flight attendant with great language proficiency and practical skills.

■Future Work Flow (Example)

  • Briefing
  • Pre-flight check
  • Boarding and Take-off
  • Drink and Meal Service

Ground Staff

The curriculum offered to each student in this program is based on the specific needs to become a ground crew member.

■Future Work Flow (Example)

  • Check-in and Ticketing
  • Lounge
  • Gate
  • Arrival

Target Licenses and Certificates

  • TOEIC® Listening & Reading Test Score 700 or above (FA) / 600 or above (GS)
  • The EIKEN Test in Pratical English Proficiency Grade 2 or above
  • The Test for Technical Ability of Service and Receiving Visitors Pre-1st Grade or above
  • AXESS Proficiency Test
  • Test of Chinese Proficiency 4th Grade
  • The Korean Language Proficiency Test 4th Grade
  • Associate Degree(*) from Jiyugaoka Sanno College(Junior College Bachelor)*
  • Japan Manners and Protocol Test 2nd Grade or above
  • Microsoft Word Processing Skills Qualification Test Grade 2 or above
  • Excel ® Spreadsheet Processing Skills Qualification Test Grade 2 or above
  • Basic Life-Saving Certification

*In response to jobs requiring an associate’s degree or bachelor’s degree, we are affiliated with Sanno College and have a distance learning program that will allow students to acquire their diploma.


Cultivation of necessary language skills

Strengthen language skills necessary for employment in the airline industry.

Intensive exam preparation

Specialized exams for the airline industry

Practical training according to your concentration

Put specialized skills for your major into practice.

Up-to-date industry focused curriculum.

Up to date industry focused curriculum.

Preferential treatment in job placement (Bay Area Service/K Sky)

Bay Area Service/ K Sky recruitment sessions.

Programs to raise your skill level.

Programs to raise your skill level.

On-site Airline Training

Hands-on learning in a work-study program

Prospects of the Industry

Play an active part in a global career domestically or internationally

Ground staff welcomes guests from all over the globe, while flight attendants offer hospitality in Japan and abroad.

The number of smaller LCCs is on the rise

With the rise and growth of LCC (Low Cost Carriers), opportunities abound as more of these companies seek out new talent.

It’s a workplace where you can put your language and hospitality skills to use.

With the rise of international travel, airline staff are in the unique position to meet the needs of international customers and make their flight pleasant and enjoyable.


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