Use Korean for both business and tourism.

Asian Languages Major


Korean (2-year program)

Application Requirement: High school diploma

3-month intensive language program in Korea

All students will study in Korea for 3 month and attend Korean language courses for about 200 hours. We will cover all the tuition for studying abroad.

Transfer to a Korean university for your third year!

We have an exchange program with Hankuk University. You can transfer to the university as long as you meet the requirements. One of the requirements is a TOPIK(The Test of Proficiency in Korean) score of grade 4 or higher.

Teachers with more than 10 years experience and small class settings

In a small class, each student can get individualized attention. This means their learning will be further enhanced.

Personal advising and support to widen your career horizons

We offer career support to achieve your goal. Make the most of your international study experience and language skills.

Master Korean efficiently through studying abroad and cross-cultural interactions.

At ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages, you can also brush up your English. It will make you discover new aspects of yourself.

Learn about the travel trends in Asia.

The number of foreign visitors to Japan reached a record high of 14.48 million. The number has been increasing year by year. There are several reasons behind this trend: Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the rise in the number of reasonable LCC Airlines, and economic growth in Asia. Visitors from Korean/Chinese speaking countries (Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong etc.) accounted for 67% of the total. The chances of using Korean/Chinese both in business and tourism are more likely to increase in the coming years.

(※1)Source: Japan Tour National Tourism Organization (JNTO as of September 2015)

Use Korean in business and in the tourism industry

Korean Language Concentration

K-POP, Korean dramas, Korean food – Korean culture is very popular in Japan. In Korea, you can experience the latest trends. You can also see energetic markets, historical architecture, and cultural events throughout the country. Korea has always been deeply connected with Japan in business due to its close proximity. It is often said that the Korean language is the easiest foreign language for Japanese people do to its grammatical similarities and some shared Chinese characters.

Possible Qualifications and Career

● The Korean Language Proficiency Test Grade 2, Grade Pre 2/Test of Proficiency in Korean Grade 4
● TOEIC 600 points or higher/The EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency Grade 2 or above ● The Test for Technical Ability of Service and Receiving Visitors
○ General companies, Trading companies, Hotels, Travel agencies, Airlines, University transfer, Studying in Korea
※We have a correspondence education program in order to let you apply for jobs which require more than a college degree. By completing the program, students who have a high school diploma will be granted a junior college degree and those who have a junior college diploma will be given a university degree (Elective).

Elective Course : Chinese

With a population of 1.3 billion and the second highest GDP, China is drawing global attention. Now the world is eager to find more Chinese speakers in business. At ECC, you can learn basic Chinese with easy instructions. Why don’t you try it?

Elective Course: Vietnamese

Vietnamese is becoming more essential in the international business world. A lot of Vietnamese students come to Japan every year. Also, many Japanese companies set up operations in Vietnam. Our Vietnamese classes are for beginners and are easy to understand so you can develop your skills comfortably.


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