Become a childcare professional with TEFL skills

Early English Education Major


Childcare Professional/ Kindergarten Teacher/ Study Abroad (4-year program)

Application Requirement: High school diploma

Our Early English Education program has been certified as a professional post-secondary course by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

*100% 1 Employment rate for 9 consecutive years.

※1 This number is of the graduates of the 3-year English Childcare program, the predecessor of the current program.

In recent years, English lessons at day cares and kindergartens are gaining popularity. Those with national qualifications as well as English skills are now in high demand. This program will provide you with practical teaching preparation to help you become a teacher/childcare professional with a competitive edge.


[ECC plus distance learning]. All classes will be taken at ECC and study abroad will take place in the second semester of the 3rd year.


Childcare Professional

Provide Child Care and guidance for parents and Nursery schools and child welfare facilities

Kindergarten Teacher

Education and childcare for children aged 3 until pre-elementary entrance

TEFL Teacher for Children

Teach English through songs and picture books to children at English conversation schools.

International School Staff

Teach English at an International School for Pre-School children. (English ability and nursery qualifications required)

Target Licenses and Certificates

  • Kindergarten teacher type 1 license*
  • Nursery School National Qualification
  • Social Welfare officer Appointment Qualification*
  • Bachelor’s Degree (diploma)*
  • Advanced Specialist
  • Children’s Instructor
  • The EIKEN Test in Pratical English Proficiency Pre-1st Grade or above
  • TOEIC® Listening & Reading Test Score 800 points or above
  • Microsoft Word Processing Skills Qualification Test Grade 2 or above
  • Excel ® Spreadsheet Processing Skills Qualification Test Grade 2 or above
  • Childcare English Test

*Required to complate the Correspondence Course Program, Faculty of Pedagogy Department of Child and Education, at the Himeji University.

Gain overseas experience!Everyone participates in the short-term study abroad program.

Lean to teach English to children and know more about teaching methods.

Obtain a bachelor`s degree and a teacher`s license by entering the correspondence course program at Himeji University.

Early English education at nursery schools and kindergartens is gaining popularity and attracting attention.

People with both English language skills and national gualifications are highly evaluated for their skills as teachers.

Prospects of the Industry

English education from childhood

In Japan, early English childhood education has become more common.Most parents consider English as the third most important subject for their children to learn. More and more kindergartens are seeking teachers who are qualified to teach English.

Certified centers for early childhood education and care

In order to further improve early childhood education and care, and to provide better local parenting support, a new comprehensive support system for children and child-rearing has been introduced to municipalities throughout Japan since April 2015, and therefore, those who want to engage in this industry are now advised to have both a First-Class Nursery School Teacher License and a Nursery Teacher License.

English education at early age

English education at an early age is gaining momentum. With the government provision of English education at the lower grades of elementary school, more parents now encourage their children to start learning English in nursery school or kindergarten.


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