I increased my TOEIC score and passed Grade Pre-1 on the EIKEN Test in Practical English Proficiency.

General English Major

2 concentrations

General English Major (2-year program)

General English Major with an overseas internship(3-year program)

Application Requirement: High school diploma

We accomplished our goal of acquiring comprehensive practical English language skills thanks to the General English Course.

Shuichiro Miyauchi 【Hyogo Prefecture】Akashi High School

I listened carefully to improve my listening skills!

There is nothing more important than listen carefully to English speakers. I paid attention to someone saying something in English and how each English word was pronounced. This is how I managed to raise my listening skills.

Sumika Kawachi【Osaka Prefecture】Kumada High School

Thanks to my teachers advice, I was able to come out of a slump and increased my score on the TOEIC test!

There was a time when I fell into a slump. I wasn’t able to make a big change in my TOEIC score. My teacher kindly answered my questions and helped me even after school. That is why I managed to keep highly motivated.

Kim【Korea】Busan University

Use English every day, and you can obtain a high score on the TOEIC test!

It is very important to use English on a day-to-day basis if you want to get more familiar with it. I am so happy to score the highest ever on the TOEIC test

Tatsuya Hirokawa【Nara Prefecture】Soekami High school

I identify my weak points in order to improve my English language skills!

I made it a custom to use English every day, and memorized 100 words a week. I was able to make a great deal of progress by moving forward little by little on a day-to-day basis.

Kanako Tsukai【Osaka Prefecture】Public High School

I studied English at the right level and the right pace. As a result, I was able to boost my TOEIC score!

Because I was placed at the right level, I managed to raise my English language skills. I think you can get better at English as long as you never fail to study very hard in class.

Kohei Tabe【Shiga Prefecture】Nagahama Hokusei High School

My dream is to be at the forefront of our increasingly global world!

I always carried my vocabulary book and applied my classroom knowledge to everyday conversations. I soon succeeded in raising my score on the TOEIC test. I hope to improve my English skills further and enter the world stage in the future.

Mamiya Nakamura【Osaka Prefecture】Minato High School

Class time is only the beginning.

I never failed to review what I previously learned because I had a quiz every TOEIC class. My next goal is to score above 800 points.

Target Licenses and Certificates

  • TOEIC® Listening & Reading Test(Score 600 points or more Score 900 points or more for advanced learners)
  • The EIKEN Test in Pratical English Proficiency Grade 2 or above Grade Pre-1 level or above for advanced learners
  • The Test for Technical Ability of Service and Receiving Visitors Grade 2 or above
  • The Test for Technical Ability of Secretary Grade 2 or above
  • Microsoft Word Processing Skills Qualification Test Grade 2 level or above
  • Excel ® Spreadsheet Processing Skills Qualification Test Grade 2 level or above
  • PowerPoint ® Presentation Skills Qualification Test(Beginner`s Level)
  • Business Writing Skill Examination Grade 2 or above
  • JTF Japanese Translation skill Test Grade 3 or above

Level-based English placement

Circuit English training

Learn English in an
English-only environment

Lean interpreter/
translator training methods.

Build your English skills with
the English Learning Center(ELC)

Make studying fun
with hands-on activities

Have fun and watch your English skills go up!

Your English skills will bring you a wide range of possibilities


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