Become a hotel professional with great language proficiency and hospitality skills.

Hotel Major

2 concentrations

Hotel Study (2 year program)

Overseas Hotel Internship (3 year program)

Application Requirements: High school diploma

Our Hotel Study programs have been accredited as an Industry-Academia Cooperation Course by Osaka Prefecture.

Our Hotel Study programs has been certified as a professional post-secondary course by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.



Requiring the trust of the customer to handle accommodation and payment procedures with skill and ease in English.


The “face” of the hotel who welcome and guide guests with the upmost hospitality


Catering to the requests of guests for tourist information and reservation arrangements with confidence.

Restaurant Staff

Utilizing knowledge relating to food service, they provide customer service for guests at hotel bars and restaurants.

Banquet Server

Making reservations, and arranging banquet sales and services at the hotel, it is a department that demands a strong sense of responsibility.

Target Licenses and Certificates

  • National Trade Skill Test for Restaurant Service
  • Certificate of Service Care-Fitter
  • The Test for Technical Ability of Service and Receiving Visitors Pre-1st Grade
  • The EIKEN Test in Pratical English Proficiency Grade 2 or above
  • TOEIC® Listening & Reading Test Score 600 points or above
  • Microsoft Word Processing Skills Qualification Test Grade 2 or above
  • Excel ® Spreadsheet Processing Skills Qualification Test Grade 2 or above


Acquisition of necessary English skills

A wide variety of training courses

Preparation for the National Trade Skill Test for the restaurant service

Acquisition of industry specific skills through practice

Become an excellent hotel worker with high English proficiency and exceptional hospitality skills

You will acquire all job-specific skills for your career: whether it be a receptionist, room clerk, banquet server, or concierge.

Prospects of the Industry

Various job positions

There are many key positions in hotels such as receptionists, porters, room clerks, etc., any of which can be a stepping stone in your career.

Opportunities for work overseas

Many foreign owned hotels have branches throughout the world, and it is possible to apply for positions at overseas branches

World class service overseas

Working overseas allows you to utilize your English skills and will allow you to learn more about the hotel industry around the world.


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