Acquire practical English while working in a foreign company

Overseas Internship Major

6 concentrations

Airline Flight Attendant major
3 year program
Airline Ground Crew major
3 year program
Hotel Staff major
3 year program
Travel Agent National Qualification major
3 year program
International Business major
3 year program
General English major
3 year program

Application Requirements:High school diproma.

What is an overseas internship?
1. It is an internship that allows you to gain real professional experience abroad while using English. After acquiring fundamental / professional skills and English ability, you will leave the classroom and work with local employees who speak English at one of the best companies in your field. Consequently, you can bolster your appeal to future employers with a brilliant letter of recommendation from the company where you completed the internship.

ECC’s unique and excellent overseas internship program allows you to simultaneously acquire a high level of English and professional skills. If you dream to work overseas, why not get started now?

Acquire business English and professional skills while working abroad!

You begin by strengthening your English skills at a local language school in your country of destination, and then learn practical career skills as well as English at a business school. Finally, during your overseas internship, you will be able to take full advantage of all the skills you have learned.

Use English in your daily life.

Learn by using English. During your homestay you will be fully immersed in English: daily exchanges, shopping, weekend outings, ordering food at restaurants, etc.. By using English in all aspects of your daily life, you will easily gain real usable communication skills.

Gain insight into cultural differences and manners. Develop your cultural sensitivity and learn how to adapt and respond to people of different cultures.

Unlike Japan, where many things are left unsaid or deemed unnecessary, in English speaking countries you will learn to say what you mean to get your point across. By facing these cultural differences, you will be able to master intercultural communication while increasing your English proficiency.

Support while you study abroad.

If you have concerns or are uneasy during your study abroad, you are able to contact the local agent at any time where friendly staff will be on hand to assist you. In addition, we regularly offer consultations at business schools, so you can work and learn with confidence.

No additional tuition fees required for 7.5 months of overseas experience

Your tuition for ECC Kokusai College of Foreign Languages will be used to cover your overseas tuition fees. (Additional fees and costs, such as textbooks, travel expenses, homestay accommodation related expenses, overseas study insurance, visa application fees, passport insurance, local support costs, etc. are required separately.)

Great support for preparation before studying abroad and job hunting after you return home!

Prior to going overseas, we give lectures on interviewing in English, proper manners for studying abroad, troubleshooting methods, etc. to help you get ready. After returning home, we also provide excellent supports for job searching and teach how to utilize your overseas experience as a strength when approaching potential employers.

A wonderful life- changing experience is waiting for you!

It is natural to be anxious when you start something new, but you will grow so much when you overcome your fears. Don’t be afraid of failure. Also, it is important to communicate your feeling with others. You might have trouble with someone in your homestay or school; however, in many cases, it could be only due to a misunderstanding resulting from a lack of communication or English ability. Please contact us as soon as possible whenever you have problems. As a former study abroad student to Canada myself, I will offer you my full support.

3. Experience your future career with the best overseas companies.

Doing office work at a local publisher

Perfect for you!

Gain experience in your future career while using English.

While experiencing your chosen field, you can also acquire practical skills and English proficiency with an overseas company.

Decided if an industry is right for you.

By choosing an industry based on your interest, you learn about the professional skills required. Throughout the internship program, you will discover if the career is suitable for you.

Enjoy working and studying abroad.

Our home stay program in Canada allows you to learn English at Rangala College for 7.5 months.

Experience it all: living overseas, using English, and working!


Experience with a host family is the best way to learn

When I came home, the twin children would call out my name. I always had a lot of opportunities to learn English while playing and reading picture books with them.

The room I used was very comfortable, and I always slept well.

Together with my host parents and their 2 year-old twins. In the beginning I had a hard time getting used to speaking English with my host mother, but she was kind, and soon I wanted to speak more to her every day.

I am so grateful that my host family was very loving and caring. However, in an effort to be more mature, I asked them not to be too protective of me. They understood my feeling and allowed me to be more independent. It became a truly ideal homestay experience for me.

During my internship, I woke up at 4am every morning. My host mother also woke up at 4:30 to take me to the office! We also enjoyed cooking together.

My room was very bright and comfortable with a study desk. I also made a very good friend during my homestay.


If your goal is to work in English you can for it!

Talk about your future dreams and goals with your friends as you learn together.

The classes are small, and the lecturer is always helpful, so you can ask questions when you don’t understand. However, since the classes are all in English, preparation is a must.

You’ll study together with others who share the same goals and difficulties as you. Together you can support each other.

Lessons and presentations are all in English, so of course questions will be in English too. The lecturer will always give useful objective advice for improvement.

One-to-one guidance where you can practice asking and answering questions in English.


Learn hospitality, business communication, negotiation, strategres word processing, etc! By working in your field,you’ll gain real business English competence!

I was in charge of checking reservation statuses and processing check-ins/check-outs at the reception desk.

My main task was to prepare English presentation materials for a major insurance holding company. In order to improve my performance, I spoke with my boss many times.

I worked in customer care at a popular boutique hotel in Vancouver.

In addition to making coffee and running the cash register, I learned business English through resume preparation, cover letter writing, and English e-mails at a fairtrade shop.

I gained valuable experience working at a well-known local travel agency with a long history.

I was in charge of the hotel reception desk, including check-in/check-out procedures.

I was in charge of customer service at the airport lounge.

I experienced office work at a local advertising- publishing company.

I experienced working in an office at a trading company.

I experienced a variety of work at a hotel.


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